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Performance Notification form for Sakari Dixon, composer

Composers make their living from a variety of sources of income, such as performance royalties. Each year, non-profit organizations such as ASCAP award composers their royalties based on performances that have been reported. Usually, these reports come from the composers and performers themselves.

By submitting this form, you will be helping Sakari at no cost to you. The costs are already covered by sites such as universities and concert halls which already purchase blanket licenses to perform music. Although schools and places of worship are not mandated to purchase these licenses, reports from these performances also aid in determining the size of the annual awards.

This form has been provided for your convenience, but if you prefer to send a regular email instead,  feel free to send one to sakari_dixon{at}hotmail{dotcom}, remembering to provide adequate information of course. Thank you!

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Thank you for your cooperation!

Of course, I do love to hear from performers, so feel free to contact me by email as well: sakari_dixon{at}hotmail{dotcom}.

[This “Performance Notification” form is used with permission from composer Elizabeth Alexander.]