My Music

On the page, the music exists. On the stage, it thrives.

Below are audio and PDF files of my music. If you have interest in performing these pieces, feel free to download and print the scores and parts below. I am also happy to answer your questions and clarifications about performance notes or notation, and I am even more thrilled to hear where you will be performing the music! To notify me of upcoming performances, please complete the form on the “Report A Performance” page.

All music posted is copyright of Sakari Dixon and Tuplets Unlimited Music Publishing, whether or not it is stated on the score. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from Sakari Dixon and/or Tuplets Unlimited Music Publishing is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Sakari Dixon and Tuplets Unlimited Music Publishing with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


  • feRaL, for alto sax, violin, viola, and cello; commissioned for performance by Kelsey Broersma. I found the title attractive because anything that is feral is difficult if not impossible to constrain or pin down. Likewise, the opening melody in the saxophone, though distinctive, never repeats itself in its entirety. Every iteration of the melody is some sort of variation or “teaser.” The tempo marking for the opening of the piece is also described as “rash,” affirming the impulsive nature of the piece. View the score on Issuu or watch the YouTube video of the scrolling score below. The score and parts are available upon request – please feel free to email me.


  • Silken Brass, for trombone, vibraphone, and string trio. Winning tone poem in PAH FEST: Alma Mater 2013, where it is featured in a short film by Fernando Cerda called “Scruffing Feathers.” View the movie here.
  • “Candy” is another film from PAH Fest: Alma Mater 2013. It was submitted for the “Filmmaker’s Challenge,” which prompted participants to produce a movie in a week’s time. However, it challenged students with a multitude of extra demands. For example, all lighting had to be a natural part of the set, and specific camera equipment was given to the filmmakers for the purposes of producing the video. Other requirements included filming an underwater shot, providing a moving shot at a particular moment in time, filming a distinctive landmark native to the area, and utilizing a character that was never fully seen but only heard. Composers were challenged to use the human voice without words as well as an ancient mode.
    In this film, Jimmy tries to heal his wife Laura by eating a magical candy that is given to him. Although this candy can fulfill any wish that
    he desires, it’s dire consequence is that if he consumes it, he can never sleep again without the fear of dying. View the movie here.
  • Gloria, for SSAT choir. Sheet music available upon request.



  • Microwave Sonata, for flute, viola, and double bass.
  • Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen, by Kathryn Walat. As the sound technician and composer for a community service project at the University of Redlands (the class “THA 260: Theatre for Social Change” taught by Vicki Lewis and Ashley Sparks), I wrote various pieces of original music to function as underscoring, transitions, and theme music. Please note that I do not own the rights to the play, nor do I have any personal affiliation with Kathryn Walat. This music was written for educational and community service purposes only.
  • Oak, a groove for marimba, vibraphone, basson, bass clarinet, double bass, and djembe.



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